Greenery is Pantone Color of the Year

pantone color

Speculation has circulated widely for weeks – which shade from Pantone’s Color Trend List would win the top honor as Color of the Year? The experts at the Pantone Color Institute put the argument to rest this week, with its announcement that Greenery was the thottest shade of the upcoming season.  Here in South Florida, we had already discovered the magic of this amazing yellow-green shade (similar to chartreuse), as the professionals at Port Charlotte Florist recently designed a beautiful “Greenery wedding” for one of our clients.

Read to the end for the entire list of Pantone’s favorite shades for 2017!

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Beautiful Flowers, Memorable Proposal


December is known for being the most popular month for proposals. Luckily, living in South Florida, you can experience all of the holiday proposal magic without worrying about braving the elements. From the Peace RiverBotanical and Sculpture Gardens in Punta Gorda, to the long stretches of beach at sunset, we have stunning backdrops for your big moment. And Port Charlotte Florist has the expertise and experience you need to pull off a beautiful proposal and a spectacular wedding.
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Floral Accents and Wedding Extras

floral accents

When planning for your wedding, many of the decisions you need to make involve the design of your decor, and this very often includes the floral accents and elements that you will use to infuse your wedding with personal style. Some aspects of your wedding flowers, like the bridal bouquet and the centerpieces, are customary. But there are also so many ways to incorporate flowers throughout your day that are unique, creative and special to you as a couple. For over three decades, Port Charlotte Florist has assisted hundreds of couples in seeing their dream day come to life.
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Metallic Wedding Accents

Metallic Wedding Accents

What is your wedding style? If you are planning an upcoming wedding ceremony and reception, there are many little details that add up to the total aesthetic and ambiance of the day. Metallic wedding accents represent a trend that is here to stay because they can blend with any bride’s style. When it comes to your wedding, it’s all about the details – and from the bridal bouquets to the flowers on the wedding cake, the expert event planners at Port Charlotte Florist are here to help.
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Floral Designs Featuring the Orchid

floral designs

floral designWhen planning your wedding ceremony and reception, there are many floral decisions that will allow your personality and flair shine through. Your wedding flowers are a visual representation of the excitement and beauty of the day – romantic, sophisticated or luxurious, there is a flower style that is just right for you. Orchids are a perennial favorite among brides for many reasons, not the least of which being their traditional allure, classic aesthetic, and beauty.  When you design bouquets around this exquisite bloom, whether an extravagant cascading bouquet or understated corsage, the result is always breathtaking. If you are planning a wedding in the Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda or North Port area, you will want to have a conversation regarding your floral designs with the professionals at Port Charlotte Florist.

The orchid is always popular with brides, season after season. There is simply no flower more sophisticated and timeless. However, orchids occur in thousands of varieties and a full spectrum of shapes and colors.  Which is the right orchid for your floral designs? When designing a bridal bouquet, our floral experts generally favor orchids with oversized petals and lush blooms. The bouquet above showcases the white cymbidium arranged with white roses. The cymbidium has an abundant flower with a colorful burst of contrast in the center. We also often use dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids, depending on the wishes of the bride. The The dendrobium is a smaller, more delicate flower which grows along a slender branch and exhibits many vibrant color choices; while the soft, fluttering “wing petals” of the phalaenopsis bring a more tropical air.

If you have an upcoming wedding planned, call Port Charlotte Florist to discuss your wedding flowers and bouquets. We will educate you on available varieties, experiment with arrangements and design the most amazing orchid bouquet and wedding designs for your special day.

Winter Weddings in South Florida

winter weddingsOne of the most amazing things about planning any wedding, is that you have complete creative control over the mood and the style. Here in South Florida, we have many weddings on the beach and in gorgeous outdoor venues – our weather allows us the luxury of such things. But if you are planning a holiday wedding in South Florida this year, how about creating an unexpected winter wonderland for your guests? Now is the time to make all your plans to ensure your holiday celebration is as special as you dream.
* Create an icy and shimmering effect with white flowers encrusted with white “diamond” jewels, or wrapped in strands of crystals.
* Use traditional red and white flowers, especially elegant against a backdrop of a black and white wedding.
* Use candles in glass containers to provide the illumination for the tables, and create centerpieces that have shiny or reflective silver ornamentation.
* Utilize natural branches painted white and wrapped in icicle lights for centerpieces, and adorn with holly berries.  If outside, use icicle lights hanging from trees for a wintry effect.
winter weddings winter weddings
There are many ways to create a frosty atmosphere for your South Florida friends, which will make for a memorable wedding day. However, holiday weddings also have a few inherent challenges, so here are some other items to consider.
* Venues are generally booked solid during the holidays , so should be reserved well in advance. However, rental properties and hotels are also scarce – and more expensive – during this season in South Florida, so if you will be having family and friends flying in from around the country, you may wish to reserve a block of rooms somewhere as well.
* If people are flying in, build in some flexibility for travel delays. Consider a limo or festive, decorate shuttle vehicle to transport guests from the airport to their destination.
This is the perfect time to be arranging for your wedding flowers, so stop into Port Charlotte Florist today to speak to one of our expert designers. Whether you choose the beach or create winter snowscape, your bouquets and arrangements couldn’t be in better hands.

Choosing the Right Floral Designer for Your Wedding

floral designerWhen it comes to your wedding planning, any area florist can provide you with the bouquets and arrangements you ask for, and most will probably do so within the same basic budget. But the professional floral designers at Port Charlotte Florists don’t simply provide flowers from a checklist- we meet with the bride, learn about her personality and what she would like to see at her wedding, and make recommendations which take into account her preferences and budget. When we brainstorm with others, creativity happens.

Experts agree that the best way to choose a florist for your wedding is to connect with the designer. Without that relationship and face to face consult, it can be challenging to achieve the truly personal florals that every bride dreams of. A professional designer is more than a florist; they bring an artist’s eye to your wedding planning. With extensive experience, they can also recommend the best flowers to withstand the heat of a South Florida summer wedding, or the ideal flower to substitute for a more expensive bloom.

You may come armed with inspiration photos, but a floral designer will know the best blooms to recreate the look with flowers that are within budget and beautifully in season. Once your perfect flowers have been chosen, the floral expert gets to work, designing custom, one of a kind flowers just for your special day. Your floral arrangements, centerpieces, and bridal bouquets are some of the most aesthetically prominent aspects of your wedding day – don’t trust them to the florist who won the low-cost bidding war.

Rely on the team that is dedicated to ensuring that your wedding day is perfect by design. With an artist’s finesse and a professional depth of knowledge, we make sure every dollar you spend on your flowers is well spent, and beautifully executed. Come see us at Port Charlotte Florist today, and let’s get to work!

Responsibilities of the Mother of the Bride

mother rolesWedding days are filled with traditions and customs. But more modern weddings are also challenging the norms, as grooms become more involved, and couples are more independent of their parents. While the mother of the bride was always the chief partner in planning, today’s husbands-to-be often embrace the planning process and fill that role. Being open with Mom is the best way to manage expectations and protect feelings- keeping everyone involved and happy!

Once upon a time, the bride’s parents paid for the whole wedding, and the bride’s mother was the hostess of the wedding. As anyone planning a soiree, she called the shots and paid the bills. With more and more couples taking on the expense of the wedding themselves, or both families getting involved in paying for a portion, Moms are still involved – just in ways that the bride requests.

In the past, Mom trying to get in on the bridal shower planning was considered very bad protocol. Nowadays, most bridal parties welcome mom’s help, and often will co-host the party with her.

The mother-of-the-bride dress was often staid and conservative, but today’s brides are encouraging Mom to show off her fashion style and modern chic. However, moms of both the bride and groom should still coordinate with the bride, and each other, to make sure they aren’t upstaging the bride or clashing with one another.

Mom was always the last person – before the bridal party – escorted down the aisle. These days, Moms often accompany their husbands in walking their daughter down the aisle or take on the role entirely if she was a single mom.

Mom hasn’t given up her role of hostess; she has expanded it! To take advantage of everyone being in town, the mother of the bride will often host a non-formal party after the reception or the following day, allowing everyone to spend more time together and continue the celebration!

One thing will never change – watching a daughter get married is one of the most cherished memories of a mother’s life. Although the traditional role of mother-of-the-bride has changed; the timeless sentiments remain the same. Another thing that remains the same? The beauty and meaning that flowers add to any wedding ceremony – have you ever seen a wedding without a bouquet of flowers? From the bride’s walk down the aisle to the last favor being handed out, floral arrangements play a huge role in any wedding day – so grab your mom, and head for Port Charlotte Florist. We’ve helped hundreds of South Florida couples with their wedding flowers, and we can’t wait to help you.

Strange Wedding Traditions- Port Charlotte Florist

wedding traditionsTraditions play a large role even in the most modern of weddings- whether we are cognizant of the ties to the past or not, many of our wedding customs originated in ancient cultures and are connected to strange superstitions. As you plan your Port Charlotte area wedding, we thought that you might find this wedding trivia interesting.


Tying the Knot – Ancient Babylonians intertwined one thread from the bride’s outfit with one thread from the groom’s. When these two threads were tied together in a knot, the marriage was considered strong. Thus the term “tying the knot” dates back thousands and thousands of years; and is still commonly recognized today.
Asking for Her Hand – In contemporary times, the proposal is the product of a lot of creative thought, and many prospective grooms have gone out of their way to ensure a unique ad memorable proposal. But in most ancient societies, men wouldn’t ask the question at all. Often they sent their family members to ask on their behalf; while in Medieval culture, a man would leave a hawthorn branch at his beloved’s door – if she left it undisturbed after discovering it, the proposal was considered accepted without a word being spoken.



Save the Date – Although weekends play host to nearly all modern weddings, for most of history a Friday or Saturday ceremony was considered a horrible choice; one that cursed the marriage from the start. For centuries, the luckiest day to hold a wedding ceremony was known to be Wednesday. But a wedding never took place on the bride or groom’s birthday, as that would be inviting bad luck as well.
Stand By Me – The concept of a bridal party was necessary when the world was made up of ancient warring tribes. Often the couple was attacked and the bride kidnapped during the ceremony; the bridal party stood by to protect their friends from harm.


Of course, one of the most enduring wedding traditions is decorating the entire day with flowers. At Port Charlotte Florist, we are privileged to have helped countless area couples to adorn their wedding with gorgeous floral arrangements and bouquets. Whether your day is full of old tradition, or you are committed to starting new customs, we are your wedding experts.

Port Charlotte Florists – Summer Weddings

summer weddingsIf you are planning a summer wedding, it’s time to start finalizing some of the finer details! As we move from one season to the next, we see changes in popular trends. This summer, expect to see bright colors, non-traditional floral elements and unkempt wildflower bouquets as moods get more carefree and styles more adventurous. In Florida, a summer wedding can pose some real challenges. Hot humid days and frequent afternoon storms make planning an outdoor wedding difficult; still, if you dream of taking advantage of our beautiful scenery, there are steps you can take to ensure your day goes off beautifully!

summer weddings

Go Green: Succulents make for unique bouquets and centerpieces that hold up beautifully in hot weather. Storing ample water in their thick leaves, there is no fear of wilting flowers as the day progresses. Olive branches and eucalyptus leaves are excellent substitutes for traditional greenery for the same reasons.

Tropical Flair: If flowers are a must have, tropical blooms and exotic plants are more used to hot locales, and will also hold up longer during a hot summer day.

summer weddings

Hardy Classics: You may be surprised at the more classic flowers that seem to beat the heat better than others; roses, orchids and calla lilies are the best options, while wildflowers are also used to thriving in sunshine. 

Just Add Water: No matter your arrangements or the hardiness of the flowers, look for ways to incorporate plenty of water. Large, wide or tall containers will keep plants immersed in water; should you be in direct sunlight, provide decorative buckets or vases off to the side to keep bridal bouquets in when not in use.summer weddings

Consider the Venue: While we all love the great outdoors, look for covered porches or porticos to keep guests out of direct sunlight. Early morning or late evening weddings will be a bit cooler -and of course, we are so lucky to live by the beach, which is a fantastic location to ensure a breeze.

We love our Florida home during all seasons – if you have chosen to get married over the summer, we have plenty of experience and inspiration to offer. Call Port Charlotte Florists today, and let’s make sure your summer wedding ceremony is memorable for all the right reasons!